Just JDsBusiness Development Strategies for Lawyers

This one-day program is designed exclusively for marketing-orientated lawyers at firms of all sizes. The target audience includes: marketing partners, marketing committee members, administrators, and lawyers who want to build their personal books of business.

8:00 a.m. Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:00 a.m. Co-Chair’s Opening Remarks

Ross Fishman & Tasneem K. Goodman
CEO Partner and Director of Marketing
Fishman Marketing, Inc. Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

9:15 a.m. Create a Game Plan for Business Development

This session will help you to build a strong network that delivers bottom-line results. The program will help you create a specifi c game plan to manage your networking and business-development activity, such as socializing, article writing, speaking opportunities, and professional associations, to ensure you are getting the most efficient return on your investment of time and energy. You will walk away with a specific plan customized to your needs that will help generate long-lasting relationship-building techniques with measurable results. Specifically, the program will help you to:

  • Identify specific types of relationships that could generate business results
  • Develop your personal brand that highlights your skills, expertise and service
  • Tell your story in an engaging manner
  • Utilize existing connections to mine new opportunities
  • Effectively integrate and balance marketing activities that produce the highest results, such as association events, article writing and speaking opportunities

Tracy LaLonde
Akina Corporation

10:30 a.m. Networking and Refreshment Break

10:45 a.m. Getting to Grips with New Trends in the Application of Social Media Networks

  • Rise of Social Apponomics – Where social networking is headed
  • Leveraging professional social-media platforms as a means for client-service engagement
  • Building online communities to cultivate your existing relationships as well as for lead generation and referrals
  • What new and disruptive business models within financial services may become applicable to legal services (e.g. Covestor)
  • Exploring the use of externet-based collaborations with corporate clients

Matt Anderson
Booz & Company


12:00 p.m. Make Me Famous, Make Me Rich: Using PR to Drive Business Development

  • So you want to be quoted on the front page of The Wall Street Journal? Who doesn’t? But how do you make it happen? Can it really help you and how would you use it to win new business?
  • Learn how media works, especially in the age of new media, new platforms, new channels and new risks
  • How to treat reporters like client prospects – it’s all about the relationship
  • How to develop a PR strategy that hits your target audience, drives business and attracts new laterals

Join Elli Kerlow and Cari Brunelle, a veteran in-house and outside PR consultant duo, who have mastered this process and helped dozens of lawyers master the media.

Eleanor Kerlow, Esq.
Senior Public Relations Manager
Hunton & Williams LLP

Cari Brunelle
Hellerman Baretz Communications

1:15 p.m. Networking Lunch

2:15 p.m. The Ethics of Client Development: Advertising, the First Amendment, Sex and Discipline

This program goes beyond an analysis of the state ethics rules and looks at the cultures of creating and enforcing those rules. Case studies of various ad campaigns, some of which have tried to sell sex appeal, are discussed in terms of the various approaches taken by states when deciding whether to take disciplinary action. Within this context, the program explores the constitutional rights of lawyers to advertise and market their services and the application of those rights to technological platforms, including those of Web 2.0 and beyond – Web Squared. Those attending will be able to formulate better ideas about the limits of permissible client development endeavors within various states and, in turn, maximize their marketing effectiveness.

Will Hornsby
Staff Counsel
American Bar Association

3:30 p.m. Building a Truly Client-Centered Platform at Your Law firm (and Why It’s To Your Competitive Advantage)

Nearly all law firms aim for excellence in client service. Typically this means obtaining good results, responding to phone calls quickly, and offering meals and/or entertainment to the firm’s top-billing clients. But creating a truly client-centered culture at a law firm – one that will differentiate you from your competitors – requires a shift in mindset that is often eluded by even the most well-meaning law firms and lawyers.

This presentation will focus on WHY instituting a client-based approach to client service offers a competitive advantage, WHAT the buyers of legal services are saying they value in terms of delivery of client service, and HOW to implement a client-service program at your firm that will really make an impact on your relationships with existing clients and new-business retention. The presentation will also offer a case study on one firm’s experience implementing a client-service platform and the resulting challenges and successes they faced.

  • Why client-service, not just technical expertise, is a key differentiator
  • Views/perspectives gathered from in-house counsel and buyers of legal services
  • Practical tips for creating a culture of client service (including, but not limited to):
    • Model client-service standards internally
    • Deliver customized/personalized approach to sales execution and intake
    • Remove traditional barriers to attorney-client communication (written and oral)
    • Provide transparency and predictability around billing and fees
    • Invest in learning your clients whole business
    • Host client-centered events
    • Seek open, honest feedback from clients and create mechanism for follow-up
    • Create opportunities for meaningful giving for lawyers and their clients: incorporating social entrepreneurship into your firm
  • Notes from the Field: lessons learned at Cypress LLP, a Los Angeles law firm determined to deliver the ultimate client experience

Christie Hind Robert J. Muller
Partner Partner
Cypress, LLP Cypress, LLP

4:45 p.m. Wrap-up and Final Q&A

5:15 p.m. End of Program